Fly Fishing

We at BossTin having more that 20 years of experience in the fly fishing industry and feel we know what works, what you are looking for and we are trying very hard to be the innovators on what you would like to see and use. We also feel strongly that the fly fishing industry is the leader in being on the cutting edge of protecting our environment. At BossTin all of our products are lead free and even the coloring on our Stix-N-Stonez line is environmentally friendly.


BossTin gears its accessories for fly fishing to be simple, quick, affordable and ultimately to be a superior performance product that is environmentally friendly. BossTin regularly introduces new products that receive rave reviews from professional anglers and guides from around the country. We’re your best fishing tackle supplier when choosing non-toxic fishing sinkers and other fly fishing equipment made of tin.


You’re guaranteed quality service, fast delivery and creative product design from BossTin. We have a range of products to suit all your need with outstanding terms. If you are interested in becoming a distributor, dealer or would like to speak to one of our friendly knowledgeable staff, send your e-mail to: or call toll-free 877-351-0900.


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Camo Tungsten Putty that is easy to use and environmentally friendly. Leaves no sticky residue on your hands, clothing or gear. Simply pinch off the appropriate amount and roll it onto your leader. Before casting, dip your line into the water to set the putty. Adjustments are quick and easy and it can be removed and reused.

What People Are Saying:
“It seems like it’s easier to cast than split shots and it’s much more versatile in that I can fine tune how much or how little weight I use just by adding or removing a pinch of this stuff instead of fiddling around with split shot.” -Wayne Mumford,


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A durable and lightweight hemostats with function. The StylerStats were engineered with a crimper, scissors, hemostat, styler revomer, shot remover and hook eye cleaner. A versatile tool that allows you to easily crimp and remove both standard split shot and stylers.