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Are you looking for a unique strategy for your fishing business?.  We have some suggestions: Go Green,  you will keep your existing customers with this effort and will attract new customers that want to go green.

Our retail and wholesale fishing supplies are designed to maximize performance while using premium, non-lead materials. We offer a wide range of river sinkers, bass jigs, StylerStats and other bass and fly fishing gear made from quality non-toxic alloys.

Going GREEN in fishing is easy to do with Boss Tin!
Lead poisoning from fishing weights and shot are endangering our wildlife at an alarming rate. You can make a difference when you stock only lead free weights and shot in your shops. The time is now to show your customers that you care and want to preserve our waterways for the future generations.

We design & sell with two things in mind: performance and the environment.

Not only are all of our products lead-free which makes it safer for our eco-system but also we have stepped outside the box to offer you a full line of traditional product along with innovative weights and shot.

Stock our full line of traditional product and/or our special innovative products:
• 6-way Dispenser with BB, #1, #4, #6, #8, and AAA shot
• 4-way Dispenser with BB, #4, #6 and AAA shot
• Many other traditional items
• One Shot Split Shot dispenser
• Stix and Stonez line
• Our all-in-one Styler Stat Tool
• Weighted Fly Hooks in a variety of sizes
• An assortment of other leading edge weights and shot

Your customers will love the difference our unique features provide, here are a few:
• They have little or no splash effect when the shot hits the water
• Less drag in the water
• Camo line to help keep the fish from seeing the weights and shot.

We back up our product with service to get it to you quickly, and if you are not satisfied we will work with you to make it right.

Your customers are asking and demanding for green solutions to fishing and this is the way to provide it. Show them you are listening and you care. Get the Lead out and become an Unleaded Angler!

No Minimum Orders!
BossTin is making a difference and would like you to be part of the solution to a greener fishing experience for all of your customer’s adventures. We are so proud of what we offer that we have no minimum orders so you can pick-up smaller quantities and let your customer decide what you should bring on. Rely on our quick service, and if you’re on 100% satisfied, we will work with you to make it right.

More and more customers are demanding green solutions to fishing. BossTin is the way to provide it. Show
them you are listening and that you care! BossTin is making it easy. Based out of Colorado we have 30 years of fishing experience, we understand what your wants & needs are.

We are also revamping our website in order to increase the exposure for our business customers through a reciprocal link to our site.  (E-mail us your website and add our site to your website). Join us in protecting our fish and waterways.

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You’re guaranteed quality service, fast delivery and creative product design from BossTin.

If you are interested in becoming a distributor or dealer, send your emial to or call toll-free 970-731-6740.